About Us – Energy-Efficient Homes by American Post & Beam®

Who is American Post & Beam® and what do they do?

American Post & Beam® is a custom post and beam home design and production firm located in Claremont, NH. To better reflect our national sales footprint and to identify more closely with our customers from coast to coast, in June of 2014 we changed our name to American Post & Beam®. We focus on designing and creating barn homes, carriage houses, and farmhouses using traditional post and beam framing. Whether our clients choose to build a barn style home that embraces and highlights the post and beam frame, or whether they prefer to build a modern home with only elements and stylized framing – the result is always an elegant and comfortable home.

Owner of the American Post & Beam® brand, Bill Silverstein, also owns the well-known and prolific Timberpeg® and Real Log Homes® brands (brands that have produced over 30,000 homes combined since 1963). Bill saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the marketplace and expand by using the same state-of-the-art manufacturing process to reach a broader market and provide an alternative building style to clients. The American Post & Beam® style of home provides a simple, refined frame for those looking for a lighter, more open home.  He chose the name American Post & Beam® to pay tribute to the traditional pride and craftsmanship embodied by the word “American.” “Post & Beam” illustrates that we go far beyond “Barn Homes”; designing and building anything from classic barn homes to modern, contemporary post and beam residences.

Barn Style Homes and Post & Beam: Design – Manufacturing – Building

04-4753-10Our design staff is the driving force behind our beautiful homes. They work closely with clients to craft a home that truly fits a homeowner’s land, lifestyle, needs and style.  American Post & Beam® will custom design your home as you like it – barn homes and beyond. (We are also able to work in conjunction with an architect of your choosing if you so decide.)  Once your home is designed to your every specification, the manufacturing process will begin.

As we have mentioned before, we are proud of our post and beam manufacturing process. The craftsmen that work on the frame packages and wall panels for our barn homes are all skilled, talented and, most importantly, experienced.  When the post and beam home package has been precisely cut, and the wall and roof panels have been pre-assembled under factory controlled conditions, the whole package – frame – windows – walls – roof – siding – trim – doors – sub floor – stairs and balusters – is bundled and sent to your site ready for assembly.

The package won’t be the only thing arriving on your job site though. We will send an experienced supervisor along to oversee the erection of the shell package. This service ensures that even if a client has chosen to select their own builder, there will still be someone on site to ensure the package goes together properly and quickly. Of course our clients are encouraged to use one of our preferred builders that we recommend, but this is not necessary.  Either way, there will be an expert on-site to ensure the best construction.

The rapid construction provided by the precise and complete nature of our home package also means your American Post & Beam® home will be erected faster with less labor hours.    

Looking to the future of American Post & Beam®

Our employees have many years of experience, and the technical expertise, to turn client’s visions into ideal post and beam homes. We strive to design and build the most energy-efficient and charming barn homes, carriage houses, barns and farmhouses.

We encourage interested clients to contact us to schedule a time to come visit the facilities where the post and beam frames are cut with American pride. While visiting, clients can also meet with our in-house design department.

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