Construction – Precise Fitting Post and Beam Home Frames for Faster Construction

Post and Beam Construction

Photo by Sue Muldoon Images

The construction of an American Post & Beam® home is a marvelous thing.  Thanks to our precise computer controlled cutting of the frame, and our extensive pre-assembly in our manufacturing facility, our post and beam homes can be built surprisingly quickly.  The shell of a typical 2000 sf. home can often be assembled in less than 17 days.  This swift assembly can lead to serious savings for homeowners by reducing the amount of labor hours required.

Part of what you purchase from American Post & Beam® is also the help of an experienced supervisor to arrive on site with your home package to oversee the construction process.  While an American Post & Beam® home is no more difficult to build than a conventional home (in fact it is actually somewhat easier) the construction process is different.  So to ensure that your building crew adheres to the proper construction methods,an American Post & Beam® supervisor will stay on your site until the shell of your home is fully erected.

Building a Post and Beam Home

While the home is going together clients are often surprised at how much of the work is already done ahead of time before the materials even arrive on their job site.  The windows are already placed in the walls with a precise fit that leads to higher energy-efficiency and greater stability over the lifetime of your post and beam home.  The doors and door framing are also already assembled at our factory.

The extensive pre-cutting of our post and beam home packages also means less cutting at your house site.  Consequently, much of the scraps and waste that occur are recycled at our plant, making your job site safer by reducing clutter.  Equally important, less waste means your post and beam home package is more cost-effective. With an American Post & Beam® brand home package, you pay for the materials actually used in the construction of your home, not for numerous trimmed off ends or pieces that wind up in a scrap pile.

Want to see how an American Post and Beam is constructed?
View these time-lapse videos of an American Post & Beam® being built in New Hampshire.

First Floor Frame Raising

Second Floor, Walls and Roof

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