Post and Beam Home Design – Crafting the Perfect Post and Beam Home

The heart of any good home is how well it is designed.    All of our design staff recognizes this fact and fully embraces the idea that a home should be a true reflection of the family that lives there.  That is why every post and beam barn home design we create, manufacture, ship and help construct – is a custom design. Your home design may start with a home you’ve seen here on our website but will likely be modified to meet your needs and your site. Or your home design might be completely custom. That’s what we do best, custom design post and beam homes.

Chief Designer Jim Dreisch working a barn home designSo as clients progress through our post and beam barn home design process, they soon realize that we adopt a two-way communication method where clients are encouraged to provide feedback, ideas and opinions.  If at first a plan does not appear to have enough closet-space for a fashion-centric client, the plans are quickly re-drawn to adjust to the needs of the client.  Of course, our experienced design staff is also willing and able to offer their own feedback and expert advice in laying out your home  to meet your needs and wishes.

Be sure to browse through examples of the design department’s work at the post and beam home floor plans page.

Barn Home Design

One area that our designers truly excel at, and clients often don’t think about themselves, is the proper placement of windows.  Every piece of land and every build site is unique.  Each has its own best view – be it of the woods, the mountains, the ocean, a meadow… etc.  So it is imperative to keep the best views in mind when placing the windows.  Ideally, proper window placement will make a house not only attractive and proportional from the exterior, but also allow for proper lighting and the best possible views from inside.  After all, if you have invested in a piece of land with breathtaking views of a gorgeous landscape, it would be heartbreaking to not be able to admire it from your living spaces.

This attention to detail is just one of the many skills our 10 person strong design department has to offer.  To schedule a time to discuss your design ideas, please contact us by calling us at 1-603-542-0700, emailing us at, or filling out our form on the Contact Us page.

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