Manufacturing – Post and Beam Homes Made Faster, Better, and with Less Waste

The manufacturing process we use to craft our post and beam homes packages brings great pride to all our employees.  We like to think of our manufacturing team as our real core.  An American Post & Beam® has truly melded the best of advanced technology with the attention to detail found only in hands-on craftsmanship.  Our skilled tradesmen work in conjunction with advanced computer controlled cutting machines called a Hundegger.

Hundegger Computer Controlled Cutting Machine Cuts Post and Beam HomesThe Hundegger allows the post and beam frame to be cut far more precisely than other company’s frames, and in less time.  That adds up to a post and beam house that’s better built, and costs less.

The Hundegger works directly with the design software to make sure the post and beam framing is cut exactly as our customers discussed with the design department.  It’s so seamless because the architectural drawings that customers sign off on are exported directly to the computer controlled cutting machine.  There’s no risk of error in improper transcription of dimensions.  Lest you start to think that our manufacturing process is entirely run by cold-hearted computers, rest assured that at every step of the process there are experienced hands guiding the progress, watching for any signs of quality issues, and adding in hand sanding and fine detail work.  This process is what makes an American Post & Beam® panelized home way beyond the average prefab home.

Manufacturing Hand WorkThe staff at the manufacturing facility also has a great deal of pride in how their work impacts the environment.  That’s why cut-offs from our post and beam manufacturing process are recycled locally, and made available at no cost to people who use them for fuel and a variety of crafts and other projects. The sawdust from the process is provided free to local farmers. Metal strapping and other materials are gathered and recycled. Our tools are cleaned with citrus-based cleaners that won’t harm the environment.

We’re so proud of the post and beam manufacturing process we have, that we invite anyone who is interested to stop in for a tour of our facilities.  While at the manufacturing plant you’ll also be able to meet the talented designers who custom craft each and every floor plan.  If you’d like to schedule a time to stop in for a tour please call us toll free at 855-692-6533 or locally at 603-542-0700, or contact us using our contact form.

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