Plans for a Barn – Post and Beam Barns

Plans for a barn in your future? You’ve come to the right place.

We are often contacted by individuals looking to build a “classic barn” and who want to browse plans for a barn. The uses for a post and beam barn are varied. Many people want a timber framed barn for storing and showing classic automobiles, antiques, airplanes, tractors and boats. Many folks like post and beam barns for workshops, art studios, gatherings and other parties including barn weddings. And of course, we often get the request for barn style homes.

Audubon Barn Red With Cupola

Barns truly are both lovely to behold and a functional treasure to be enjoyed for generations.  We are particularly inspired by the work of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s BARN AGAIN! Program whose work goes to show that these timber framed barns are made to last for generations and should be treasured for the post and beam gems they are.

American Post and Beam®  designs and builds custom post and beam barns for for all of the purposes discussed above…and of course we also design and build post and beam barns for cherished livestock as well.  Chances are we have plans for a barn that will mesh perfectly with what you have in mind for your barn project.  Of course, if one of our standard plans for a barn doesn’t work for you, our in house design department is always at the ready to work with clients to custom craft a truly unique post and beam barn. The designers work with clients directly to craft the most ideal post and beam barn plan for each client.

Our post and beam designers have experience working with customers who have very different needs. They will work with you to design exactly what you are looking for. If you are interested in building a barn, please contact us.

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