Carriage Houses

Carriage houses have a truly timeless appeal.  Not only are they practical when it comes to saving space, but they also have a certain charm about them.  A carriage house is defined as any home with living quarters above garage space.  Done in the timeless style of post and beam, a carriage house from American Post & Beam® is truly a treasure.  Browse our post and beam carriage house floor plans.

Carriage Houses from American Post & Beam® are ideal for creating a charming guest house, a place to showcase a beloved collection, or a full time residence with ample storage for cars or other hobbies.

cape cod carriage houseThe history of the carriage house has a certain appeal that extends through the ages. While the name was originally used to describe the building where horse drawn “carriages” were housed, the term now is used to describe our more modern living styles. Of course nowadays you don’t need to own a large manor or estate to enjoy the timeless appeal of these structures (though they are of course well suited for estate properties).  Read more on the history of carriage houses.

If you’re interested in designing a custom post and beam carriage house for your property, or if you simply find the look of carriage houses appealing, please contact us to begin the conversation.  Our in house design team loves to work on these projects, as they love to show of their skills in this realm of design. It takes a talented craftsman to blend the timeless look of carriage houses with the desire for a modern, functional and comfortable living space. Proportions must be just right so the carriage house doesn’t look unbalanced from top to bottom. With their years of post and beam design experience, our designers have the skill, drive and experience to design and build the most handsome and functional carriage houses.


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