Barn Style Homes and Farmhouses by American Post & Beam®

An American Post & Beam® Farmhouse or Barn Style Home has the charm and simplicity of the classic, traditional farmhouses or even old refurbished barns still seen standing today coupled with modern design solutions that work for your lifestyle.

Nothing says “American” like a farmhouse. A farmhouse is not really a “home style” but is truly defined by it’s location and purpose. A farmhouse is the main house located on a farm where the workers or the owners of the farm live. However, most people have an image in their mind when they hear farmhouse.

Depending on the region, farmhouse style, or architecture, has many characteristics associated with it. Farmhouses were designed and built using materials native to their region. The one thing they do usually have in common is their simple, unfussy design, which is why American Post & Beam® is the perfect choice when it comes to designing and building your farmhouse. Our post and beam frames have simple, clean lines, creating open and bright living spaces. Browse our post and beam farmhouse and barn style home floor plans.





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